Frebella started as a camping trip, grew into a festival, now we aim for something much more…


In 2018 - Frebella Fest was pretty dang successful. We raised a ton of awareness for mental wellness and eating disorder prevention, shared good vibes with nearly 900 tickets sold and donated almost $30k to WithAll (formerly, The Emily Program Foundation). We received a ton of positive feedback and everyone involved, including attendees, the bands, Mark Wheat and The Current, our production partners, and all our volunteers were happily surprised by the success of our first year. Funny thing is, we totally winged it!

With that feedback in mind, we've decided to get more organized and really do Frebella Fest right moving forward. To that end, we’ve decided to turn Frebella into a legit non profit which we believe will focus the mission, invite more help, and allow us to make an even bigger impact for mental wellness causes.

While we work on getting the non profit organized, Frebella Fest will be on hiatus for 2019, but returning in full swing in 2020. 

In the meantime, we’re going to keep the momentum going by hosting events throughout the year to raise awareness and continue to give to a variety of charities which share our mission. 

Our first event, “Picking at the Pavilion” will be an all day concert in Victoria, Sept 14th, with some amazing boot stomping bands, great food and fun with the goal of continuing our mission to raise awareness and funds for causes we care deeply for. 

Festival Pic.jpg