What to expect!

Picking at the Pavilion provides all ages with a safe, fun, and inclusive environment featuring live music, activities, amazing food, as well as beer and other concessions, with all 2019 proceeds going to charity.


  • Back Packs - YES. No problem, but know that we want to keep people safe, so we may ask to take a look inside.

  • Water Bottles - YES. Feel free to bring an empty water bottle you can fill up at the water fountain, but if you want to skip the line we'll have plenty of affordable water for sale at concessions!

  • Other snacks & beverages - NO. We’d like to keep the trash to a minimum and let’s be honest, we want to support the food and beverage partners that have dedicated their time and energy. There will be lots of food and beverage options for all taste buds.

  • Dogs - NO. Sorry, but you gotta leave your pets at home. It’s too much of a liability to have them running around with the crowds. Also, not super excited about picking up poop on Sunday.

  • Smoking - NO, ideally, but… This is a family friendly event, however if you do need to take a quick smoke break, please be respectful of the folks around you and respect their air.